• Films

    Girl Boils Egg

    Written and directed by Bella Freud. Running Time - 02:53

    Girl Boils Egg was commissioned by Nick Knight as part of his Punk film series for Showstudio. It shows a school girl timing her egg to the soundtrack of ‘Bodies’ by the Sex Pistols.


    AW 2011. Running Time - 04:20

    Submission is a mini film – the result of a collaboration between Bella Freud and film maker Martina Amati. Martina is the BAFTA award-winning director of three short films: A’Mare, I Do Air and Chalk. Submission is set in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where you learn to use your opponent’s strength to vanquish them. The unlikely winner engages us in her internal dialogue, remembering the moment in her childhood when she discovered how she wanted clothes to serve her as a protective armour. Submission is a portrait of a group of unique women rolling on the mat in exclusive costumes designed by Bella Freud. Starring Antonia Campbell Hughes, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Susie Bick, Phyllis Wang and Olympia Campbell. Music is by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

    Hideous Man

    AW 2002. Directed by John Malkovich, costumes designed by Bella Freud. Running Time - 22:40

    Hideous Man is written and directed by John Malkovich and produced by Bella Freud. It is their third short film collaboration and is shot on 35mm black and white film. It tells the story of a group of beatnik girls rehearsing their work in preparation for a performance for their alter ego – the Hideous Man. Starring Peaches, Saffron Burrows, Anita Pallenberg, Camilla Rutherford, Skin, Arielle Dombasle and Emilia Fox.

    Lady Behave

    SS 2000. Directed by John Malkovich. Running Time - 21:16

    Lady Behave follows the progress of a young woman whose manners are so piggish that her boyfriend walks out on her. Defeated, she pulls the phone out of the kitty litter and dials the number of the Lady Behave School of Etiquette. Starring Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Devon Aoki, Laura Bailey, Susie Bick, Jodie Kidd and Arielle Dombasle, Lady Behave is a series of vignettes illustrating the unusual situations in which a girl can utilize her charm and poise as lethal weapons.

    Strap Hanging

    AW 1999. Directed by John Malkovich. Running Time - 11:59

    Strap-Hanging tells the strange story of a Japanese boy so obsessed by tsunamis that he makes himself a pair of inflatable rubber underpants in case disaster strikes. Stepping into the ‘Top Models Only’ carriage of the underground he encounters an unexpected trigger. Starring Kelly Macdonald, Arielle Dombasle, Laura Bailey, Iris Palmer, Devon Aoki and Liberty Ross.

    More Clothes

    SS 1992. Directed by Kate Garner. Running Time - 03:59

    Love story where clothes play Cupid. Starring Susie Bick.

    Day At The Races

    AW 1991. Directed by James Lebon. Running Time - 16:29

    Bella Freud’s first film collaboration ‘Day at the Races’ was shot on Super 8 film at Newbury race track. The film is edited to some of Bella’s favourite songs. Starring: Lisa Snowdon